Soberanía Morning

This piece is a part of my ongoing series where I explore intersections of humanity and nature. I have continues with the idea of subtly incorporating human faces into landscapes. Previously, I chose the dominating and intimidating rocks of Zion. Here, I am displaying the sleepy morning of the top of the Soberanía National Forest in Panama, that I took while on a Field Course this past January to go bird watching on to of the Avifauna tower.

The canopy of the rain forest is mostly unexplored territory for people – as it can be pretty difficult getting to that level, as we usually stay on the earth’s surface.  Therefore, our impact, relationship,  and experiences with it is quite subtle – I’m sure some trash may find its way into a birds nest –  which is reflected in the subtle portraits found within the landscape. They are very subtle, especially in comparison to the portraits in Zion – an area that has been explored and visited quite often in the (near) past.

This painting went pretty quick – quicker than I expected – as I had my approach and process down after working on Zion. There were lots of layering and moments where I wasn’t  sure if the portraits would work out – but, like paintings do, they also did. The scale of this painting was inspired by the ‘golden ratio’ (1:1.618) that designers use. And I must agree, it is very pleasing to the eye, and much larger than the size I used for Zion (standard 16 x 20). This is definitely a piece I wouldn’t mind hanging on a wall in my future home – with the specks of color and awakening energy reminiscent of my travel abroad.

There are five faces in this piece… see if you can find them all from these pictures. 😉

Here are some process pictures:

Hopefully I can find my digital camera to update these final pictures…. until then, have a wonderful day.