December 4th – Happy Tuesday!

Today was one of those teaching days where I ended with a deep breath, and a smile. Everything went pretty well. No major conflicts. Smiles in every class. Then it hit me – it is only tuesday. How can I be this tired?

In general, I was always the person to rush. I would rush through my homework to have time to read, go outside or play a video game when I was younger. Rush so I could hang out with friends, or rush through assignments in order to have time to attend meeting and be with people who were passionate about the same things I was – whether that was science, art, my faith, or running. And that really built up a lot of stress for me – I was able to do many things, but I was always (happily) tired. In the back of my mind I worried that I would grow up to be a workaholic that could just not stop working on the next project given to me. When speaking with new teachers, I worried that was to be my fate – instead I’ve found that teaching forces me to slow down a bit.Which is different.

Students are not robots – they take more time to do things than I expect. They take more time to process, to understand. Because they cannot read my mind, they don’t know that issues in mitosis can result in issues that may lead to cancers. But, if I instead take a deep breath and take my time with them – we can have a lot of fun learning moments where we are interacting with the material instead of rushing through it (and past understanding). In my ‘real adult life’ these past few months (which is still not fully real (whatever that means) though more independent) I have been able to be much more more calm. Get much more sleep. Drink more water. Be more organized, rather than chaotic – much more healthy. And even though it is not even 7:45 pm on a Tuesday night and my eye-lids are dropping and I’m soon off to bed – life is good. Even if I rushed a bit, draining my mental energy. I guess, above all, if any of my friends still in school, I hope this gives you hope. Slowing down, both physically and mentally has been a challenge well worth the effort.


Todays’ victory: My student said I was cool (though she does not like science (yet!!!!)) and asked me to come to the basketball game tonight. I was able to get home, run my workout and make it in time for the 2nd quarter. She made a few baskets. The intermediate team (comprised mostly of my students) dominated. 40-20. Once of my girls popped a 3-pointer as the final buzzer sang. It was glorious