One of many – Acrylic on panel

Good morning everyone!!

Today, we have our first assignment due in Intermediate Painting… a Self portrait!

This may seem surprising to you all, as, well, my face doesn’t seem to be lurking in the sea this time around. Our challenge for this project was to capture our digital identity. I feel like in this giant internet resources, our personal identity can become lost. The internet,  much like the ocean, appears to be deep and limitless and largely unexplored. I see myself as one of many fish in this sea of coding, and sometimes wish I could escape – looking at the natural world, without being able to fully reject this sort of technology in our age. Others, however, seem to be blindly swimming through this ocean, content – or at least, I largely see a compliance with this time of social media (though our numbers of rebelling are growing!

Here are some progress pictures and process commentary for all of us art nerds out there:


We started with this beautiful 40″ x 40″ red panel. Wishing to retain the natural look of the wood, I clear gesso-ed the surface before sketching the waves and fish onto it. Ive never worked on a wood panel and I’m really enjoying it so far!


The fun thing about clear gesso, is it looks translucently white until it dried! The fun of using new materials 🙂



Here are some close-up progress pics of the fish! From far away, you can’t really see the shimmering scales of code  and layering 🙂


Almost finished!


Thank you for seeing my progress! Stayed tuned for more posts about my life and thoughts 🙂 (:



In order to see these changes in real time, I post these process pictures on my instagram story: